What materials are given in the exam?


today we wondered in the tutorial what materials are given in the exam, like the MIPS Assembler references and stuff like that.

Thanks in advance


The main objective of the exam is to test

  • your understanding of the content of the course
  • your ability to apply what you’ve learned
  • your ability to tackle new problems with the skills that were taught in the course.

Therefore it wouldn’t be beneficial to make you learn all the inference rules etc. by heart.
And you are better off if you use your time to do the exercises or work on the projects.

Similarily to the minitests you can expect to get (if necessary for any exam task) a reference sheet in the exam for:

  • MIPS instructions
  • C0(bp) operational semantics
  • static semantics for C0t
  • proof rules for C0 Hoare triples
  • the rules for code generation

Do we also receive a sheet with the defining equations of pc and vc?

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If you need them, yes.


will the syscall codes be inclusive to the MIPS instructions? (if needed)

Yes. (if needed)

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