What are the test supposed to do

Hello, so i just started with the project but i do not get what should actually be done.
The Junit test we should write are supposed to test a particular method?
For example the test for host.java, what should it actually test. And where should i find what the test should test?(sorry for redundnace).
I read the specifications but i do not still get it well.

Can i get more about?

The JUnit test act like the unit tests in the previous projects.
Basically, we gave you public tests before and your task was to read and understand them and maybe extend them with tests derived from them, the specification, or the daily tests.

Now, you are not given that many tests and should create tests on your own.
The tests should cover the whole specification of the project.
To make sure your tests are correct and complete enough, we provide daily tests that run your tests against broken and correct implementations.

As said in the following post, you test against the specification using the interfaces:

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