Warnings in The Project File: image.c


as soon as I installed the project 2 folder I got errors in the problems section. I tried to clone the project again but I am still having the same problem.


that errors (warrnings) can you ignor, becouse they have no inpact on the program.
The compiler don’t like the caling from that funktions in C11 becouse ther are not security save enove for the compiler.

To add to the answer:
This is the same case as here:

An attacker / unaware user could exploit the function when providing wrong arguments.
memset does not check if the region is at least as large as the provided size, and thus, may write into the wrong memory cells causing undefined behavior and posing a security risk.
As often the case with C, this is a trade-off between speed and security/convenience.

For the project, we only call the functions with correct parameters and expect you to call such functions correctly in your code. Therefore, we can ignore such a warning.

Note: Yellow triangle means Warning. Red Circle means Error. A warning is information to the programmer for a potential mistake. An error is something wrong that prevents the execution.