Warning "include the directory when naming header files"


when including the header files, vs kept showing me the following warning “include the directory when naming header files” even after I successfully ran patch.sh. I got rid of the warning just after adding …/include/ in front of the header files.

Just wondering why it did not work before?

There are many possible reasons. For reference, here is a list:

  • you did not actualy execute patch.sh, or you did it incorrectly (i.e. from the correct folder, or you got some other error like during package installation). Read the output to see if there are any errors. When in doubt, run again.
  • you opened the correct folder. In particular, opening the src subfolder does not work.
  • you executed make at least once
  • you restarted VSCode after doing any of the above

If neither of this works for you, I recommed visiting the OH.


see also this post if you run into build failed error.

Hope this helps,