Verification and Code Generation reference sheets


is there any way to get the reference sheets with all rules for verification and code generation that we received in the last mini test but had to give up at the end of the tutorial?

If they are released, are those the same that will be available during the exam?

You should find all of the rules in the lecture notes or Prof. Hack’s handwritten notes. I don’t know of any public document collecting them all but reading the notes should not be too hard.

Does this resolve your question or are you also asking about the exam?

The document I am asking for was handed out during the last mini test and collected at the end of the tutorial again. (Or at least I left mine on the table when leaving for the kNobel tutorial, thinking that this was the case)

My reasons for asking are:

  1. I would like a short overview that I don’t have to scroll through and that features all relevant rules.
  2. I can’t copy the rules directly out of the lecture notes in any of the provided formats.
  3. I would like to know exactly what resource is available to me during the exam.

I know that I could have just taken a photo of it in the tutorial but I thought this was available in the resources, so I didn’t. I think everyone should have access to this, both for ease of reference while writing the compiler and to know what tools they have access to in the exam. (It’s already an exam, no need to make it even worse)

You might check this post:

Here are the sheets from the tests.
They are exactly the rules from the lecture notes:

The sheets will be available in a similar format (not necessarily the same) in the exam.

codegen-hoare-rules-standalone.pdf (197.9 KB)
sema-rules-standalone.pdf (151.4 KB)
typecheck-rules-standalone.pdf (148.4 KB)


Thank you very much!