Using isIPv4Address in

Good evening,
what do I have to do to use isIPv4Address in my own java test file. I used import uri.tests.SimpleTests and was trying using the function in various attempts (like uri.isIPv4Adress(host) or uri.tests.SimpleTests.isIPv4Address(host) etc). How can I use it correctly?
If needed I can provide more code.
Thanks in Advance.

The way you usually invoke an (instance) method on a Java object. Get some instance i (of type SimpleTest), and then do i.isIPv4Address(..).

Where do we get that instance of SimpleTests? There are a few options. One is to just create a new one: new SimpleTests(). One is to make the class you are currently writing tests in extends SimpleTests (if it is not already SimpleTests), which makes this an instance of SimpleTests.

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