Use of unicode for output of result

since I never used the unicode in C, so I would like to ask how can we print it out for result.

first I would assume ”the result“ should be an array with five elements (either be 'CORRECT', 'WRONGPOS', or 'WRONG').
I think if we want to print the five elements, then we should do a traversal for the array, and print them out .
But how can we print them out? just use printf and %d for the numbers in the certain unicode, %c for the character?

You can use the Unicode in strings.
In the lecture, you have already seen methods to print strings to the standard output.
For instance:

char *s="🟩🟨";

If you do not want to copy the Unicode by hand, you can use the pre-defined macros in wordle.h that are named [Feedback]_UNICODE. Each of these macros is a string with one of the Unicode symbols.

okay, I see, thanks :+1:

Hi @Marcel.Ullrich there is a wordle.h and dict.h and “util.h” in the /src folder?

For me I only get main.c, test_main.c and unit_tests.c …

Is there something wrong with the cloning process? Because I did it twice and got the same resulting /src folder…

There is a src folder for the .c files you create and an include folder for the header files.
The folderstructure is:

├── .git
├── data
├── gui
│   └── src
├── include
├── src
├── test
│   └── public
└── .vscode