Unsupported Operation Exception Error

I am getting the following error message from the buildbot. Please note that I have implemented the Tetris Game interface as well as created and returned the right game object in MyTetrisFactory. My public tests are also running well on the VM. Please tell me hwo to fix this

This message on the statistics page is possibly an old message.
Are these the same messages as in the mail?

Your current commit b98b6
has other problems that prevent compilation.
These include:

  • TetrisGameImplementation is called with a non-existent constructor
  • You use non-existent imports like javax.*.
  • Missing methods in the autoplayer (at least on the last tested commit aeacdfb)

If they run the VM, make sure that you do not click Proceed when prompted if Java should ignore all errors and that you added, committed, and pushed all files.