Uninstall script

Since the install scripts make a lot of configurations in the background that aren’t necessarily comprehensible or trackable, I was wondering if there is an “uninstall”-script that rolls back all the changes made by setup_docker.sh and install_extensions.sh

Edit: I’m tlaking about the M1 approach for the VM since the roll-back of the VM over Virtual Box is pretty straightforward

Actually, there are not many changes made - all this script does is
a) create the Workspace folder (which you can easily delete manually should you want to)
b) build the docker image, which then gets stored somewhere in /var/lib/docker.

I don’t see a reason why you would ever need to undo these changes. If you are worried about things taking up space later once they’re no longer used, docker has commands to remove old files, I recommend looking at the docker documentation if you want to learn more.
Or, if you want to get rid of everything, you can just uninstall docker and delete /var/lib/docker.


Thank you for the explanation :+1: