Unable to run tests

Am somehow as from few hours ago no more able to run the various tests which came with the project, although it used to work fine.

It’s now displaying some kind of weird error message:

****error: assembler failed ****

I tried re-cloning my previous version back from git but am still facing thesame problem. Can anyone help with a fix??

Thanks to whoever

Locks like your programm can not compile. Try to compile your program in Mars. When ther is a problem, the compiler told you what the error is.

when trying to compile with Mars am having an address error cuz Mars thinks my $a0 is empty (not a valid address). Reason why I was running the various tests directly from the console

This can also happen if you try to assemble the individual files by themselves, e.g. you press the assemble button in the file “merge.asm” without having set the

  • assemble all files in directory
  • initialize program counter to global main if defined

settings in MARS. The functions in those files expect $a0 to contain something but if you assemble the file by itself, no other function has put something in it so it is empty. When you try to load from it you get an error.

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Working fine now. Somehow fixed itself
I don’t know how