Unable to open .asm files using locally-installed Mars (MacOs M1)

I was trying to open files from the project folder “src” using Mars. But I cannot open them with locally-installed Mars. Did anyone face this problem? Could you please help me with this issue?

Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 17.05.17


Have you tried opening the files from Mars? Just open Mars, click on File → Open… in the toolbar, browse to the src folder and click on the file you want to open.

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Yes I also tried this, but Mars doesn’t see the files on my laptop, it sees only folders

It should be able to see .asm files just fine, but if that’s not working for you, you should maybe go to an Office Hour and have a tutor take a look at it for you. It might be easier to solve that way. The next Office Hour is today at 2:15 pm. :slight_smile:

Thank you, will do that!

If anyone has the same problem, this video will help to solve it: