Unable to debug a public test

so basically I realized that couple people on the forum had a similar problem:

And solution seemed to be that you have to install fix_output.patch like mentioned in the following thread:


However, I did try this out and the following happened:

But after I ran the command ./run_tests.py, the problem didnt seem to be fixed.

The subroutine does indeed compile without issues in MARS so that’s not the issue.
I dont really know how to proceed.
I’d really appreciate a response and thanks in advance.

EDIT : this is the one and only test with this issue. All others are working properly.

According to git log you already applied the patch a couple of days ago. The error message in line 2 is from MARS, so it seems like MARS is at fault here.

After cloning your project, I see the problem: You changed the label main in the corresponding test to test. The test tries to jump to a label which does not exist anymore, which then defaults to address 0 I suppose.

You should never touch the public tests directly, and if you do so temporarily for some reason, do not commit the changes to not accidentally break the public tests. Please restore the public tests by
git checkout <initial commit hash> -- tests/pub/. This should solve your issue.

First of all, thanks for the quick response.
Yes, indeed it is ‘forbidden’ to modify the actual tests in the pub test folder.
However, couple of days ago, I didnt know that unfortunately and changed the “main” label in test_merge_1.asm to “test”.

The issue has been fixed by simply renaming it back to main.
Thanks a lot regardless. No way I would have figured that out myself!