Tutorial Tomorrow

I suppose I am not the only student that is still at home and won’t be in Saarbrücken until next Monday/Tuesday because of Easter or several other reasons (Covid, medical reasons,…)

Will there be the possibility to create an Online Tutorium only for tomorrow?
Or could we get the materials that were discussed in the Tutorium tomorrow to work on it by ourself?

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Hi Leon,

No, sadly this will not be possible. According to the current planning, the tutorials will take place on site tomorrow as well as the rest of the semester.

Yes, all materials for the tutorials, as e.g. exercise sheets can be found on the material page. If you cannot be present tomorrow (or any other day), you can work on the exercises on your own and ask your upcoming questions in the forum. We will also provide the solutions a few days later, so you can check your answers.

Hope this answers all your questions.
Lisa :slight_smile:


Yes, that answers my question. Thank you :slight_smile:

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