Translate Test output from buildbot

Is there any good way to get the correct log characters from the statistics page and the email?

My current way was trying to map the invalid characters to some guessed character, like â☐☐ to be a conjunction, but it seems very inefficient.

Here the unicode response for reference:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Expected the subformula (((((((1 \u2260 0) \u22c 0 (1 \u2260 0)) \u22c0 ((0 \u2264 0) \u22c0 (0 \u2264 (k0 + 1)))) \u21d2 TRUE) \u22c0 (((\u00ac(1 \u2260
0)) \u22c0 (1 \u2260 0)) \u21d2 ((0 \u2260 0) \u22c0 TRUE))) \u22c0 TRUE) \u22c0 (TRUE \u22c0 TRUE)) to be of integer type.

You might try to set other encodings in your E-Mail program and check whether you installed the correct unicode fonts.