toString() for some of the constructs

Hello, I am not sure what the toString method should return for some of the constructs:

AssumeStatement, AssertStatement, BreakStatement, ContinueStatement, ErrorStatement, ExpressionStatement

CallExpression, ConditionalExpression

where can i look this up?

The project description tells you how to print most of the constructs.
(Including Call, Assume, Assert, Expression)

For others, your fellow students have already asked the forum:
For instance:

For the remaining:

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In general, a FooStatement is printed as Foo[..], except if it never has any children, then it’s just Foo. The Error Statement toString can do whatever. Conditional Expressions are not required, we do not test for them. How to print the expression statemet was explained in the project presentation and there are also public tests telling you this.

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