Timout error min_path_owl

when I run the test for the min path of owl, there is a timout error, but for small1 and small2 everything works just fine.
The correct input for the w in calculate_energy is img->w, right?
Or has anyone an idea what else might be the problem? :frowning:

nvmd, I’m just too stupid to read :smiley:


Just for clarification also for others :smiley:
You don’t need to pass img->w as argument to calculate_energy, since this is understood as w0 and always contains the original image width. We work with w, when it comes to executing “n steps” of the algorithm :slight_smile:

This becomes more clear, if we read the parameter discription:

@p w is the width up to (excluding) which column in the image the energy should be calculated. (…)

Hope that answers the question ^^