testScheme passes locally but fails on the server

Hi, my testScheme test that is given by you passes locally when i run tests,but UriParserTests::testScheme failed on server, what can be the reason?

One issue might be that you did not push all files in the newest version.

If you clone the project in a new location, does the test still work?

i will try

I checked and it works locally on a new location, I also tried pushing again but everything is up to date.
I have an unknown build error when I run tests, then I click proceed or fix and it shows me test results can that be a reason?

Yes, your code can not compile due to errors in HostImplementation.java.
Nevertheless, you can force Java to try to execute your code. Basically throwing away static guarantees the type system provides and switching to an interpreter-like mode where static errors become dynamic errors.

On the server, we abort the compilation process if build errors are encountered.
It is advised to listen to the compiler and fix the errors Java reports.
Your IDE (VSCode) should also tell you a list of problems and highlight the file HostImplementation.java and lines in this file red to indicate the error.

Okay then that’s it, Big thanks.