Tests suddenly missing in VSCode

Hey, so after i started the VM after Lunch today, there were no tests in the testing Section of VSCode anymore and it only says: “No tests have been found in this workspace yet”.

I have already tried to restart VSCode and the VM

Yes, unfortunately they updated a plugin and now the tests broke. Can you downgrade your plugin?


I don‘t know how to do this

Go to Extensions (The 4 „Blocks“ in your left menu bar) → Select „Test Runner for Java“ → Click the Dropdown-Menu Arrow next to the uninstall button → Select „Install Another Version…“ → Select version 0.35.0 (2 mos ago) → Reload / Restart VSCode


Now that I followed your instructions the button where you can start the tests is gone. How do I work with the extension after downgrading?

After downgrading, the extension should work again as expected.
Have you waited a minute or two after reloading the IDE until all extensions loaded and the Java project environment was loaded in VSCode?

I am facing the same problem too. I followed all the steps as declared above and restarted the VM several times. But the tests are still not working

You could search whether VSCode reports any issue regarding the test / Java plugin in one of its info tabs (located near the internal terminal).

But to fix the issue, the office hour is probably the best place.

It worked finally now. I had to update to the newly updated version and then return back again to 0.35.0 (2 mos ago)

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