Tests dont run for me

Basically all i know is what the title says. The last testrun was several pushes ago and now i dont receive feedback if i actually got the last bug inProg2.tests.daily.BrokenImplTestTests::testRegNameConstrained3 or not. Is this caused by some thing that I did or is this a server-side issue? I have sen the total number go up at least two times since my last feedback.

If you clone your repo into a new directory, does that repo contain all the files and commits you expect it to?

Also, check for syntax errors.
In your latest version on the server, you have not imported assertFalse but use it leading to compilation errors.

yes i saw hat just now. however this version with error was the first to be tested again and before there were at least 2 daily runs where no feedback at all was given to me. not via statistic page nor an email from buildbot. however since i got one this time it might work from now on if it is not this time purely because of the build error.