Test_merge_2 daily test problem


my problem is that the daily tests still give me failures for test_merge_2 and test_complete_move_2 despite me being absolutely sure that the routines are written correctly. Ive editted the _1 versions of the public tests in all possible manners and have always received the correct result when i executed them

In general, you should think about every possible corner case and possible behavior that could occur.
Write a test for all corner cases and then some more to make sure.

Also, read the project description again carefully. Maybe you thought you fully understood the task but misinterpreted or overread something.

Note that Test_2 might look totally different than Test_1. Therefore, it could be the case that you can not produce Test_2 by simply editing the test Test_1.

A helpful mindset for testing is to think about how you can defeat your code. Throw every test case against it and try to produce errors to find all bugs.
It is not helpful to only write some common cases to “protect” your program.

I got exactly the same program, but another question:
Should our program cover the whole game field or just the length of a1?
Because I can’t find a case my code doesn’t work on, but obviously test_merge_2 can