Style check splint parse error


why does it show me this error?:

“Command Line: Setting +ptrnegate redundant with current value
Parse Error. (For help on parse errors, see splint -help parseerrors.)”

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For me, splint produces other warnings on your code and no parser error.
But there also is no trie.c in your repository on the server.

The question was asked on behalf of the user guakca (CMS-Name) who can not create threads in the forum, did you look into the correct repository? She told me in the Office Hour that she has a trie.c implementation.

Regarding the creator of this thread @haya.shammah :

Username: “haya.shammah”
Commit: 7aa7f761d5b47c
Commit-Date: 09.06. 13:06
Commit-Message: 2

Output of tree src:

├── dict.c
├── main.c
├── test_main.c
├── unit_tests.c
└── wordle.c

Output of splint:

      src/wordle.c: (in function generateDict)
      src/wordle.c:41:14: Out storage selected1 not defined before return
        An out parameter or global is not defined before control is transferred. (Use
        -mustdefine to inhibit warning)
      src/wordle.c:41:14: Out storage selected2 not defined before return
      src/wordle.c: (in function guess)
      src/wordle.c:63:2: Path with no return in function declared to return char *
        There is a path through a function declared to return a value on which there
        is no return statement. This means the execution may fall through without
        returning a meaningful result to the caller. (Use -noret to inhibit warning)
      src/wordle.c: (in function checkWin)
      src/wordle.c:204:2: Path with no return in function declared to return bool
      src/dict.c: (in function lookup)
      src/dict.c:34:12: Suspected infinite loop.  No value used in loop test (str,
                           *str) is modified by test or loop body.
        This appears to be an infinite loop. Nothing in the body of the loop or the
        loop test modifies the value of the loop test. Perhaps the specification of a
        function called in the loop body is missing a modification. (Use -infloops to
        inhibit warning)
      src/dict.c: (in function destroy)
      src/dict.c:49:14: Unqualified storage ****** passed as only param:
                           free ******
        Unqualified storage is transferred in an inconsistent way. (Use
        -unqualifiedtrans to inhibit warning)
      src/main.c: (in function main)
      src/main.c:47:5: Unreachable code: printf("You need...
        This code will never be reached on any possible execution. (Use -unreachable
        to inhibit warning)

      Splint 3.1.2a --- May 25 2020

      Finished checking --- 7 code warnings

Regarding guakca @guakca :
There is a trie.c. But splint also works without parser error in that repository.