Stream of todays lecture


as i watched the stream earlier today, the video got switched to private about half an hour after the regular lecture ended. I expected it to be available again soon, but as of now it still isnt. Is there any info on when it will be available again?


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Yes, I noticed the issue too, in the YouTube Playlist it says that there are 12/13 videos but the latest one is not available. Would be great if this can be fixed, maybe it was set to private accidently.

Hey, as mentioned here, there was a blackout during one of the last lectures. So, one stream actually never happened online. With the background knowledge, it only makes sense that a recording is missing from the YouTube playlist.

Hope that answers your question :smiley:

Thanks, but I’m aware of that. I was present during that lecture. The one I’m concerned with is fridays lecture which was in fact streamed, but got turned private after. I’m not sure if it’s available again now, but if still only 12/13 videos are available in the YouTube playlist, then it’s still private.

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