Strange Build Error

Hi, I have a strange Build error, I already asked 2 Tutors and they both don’t know what is wrong…

it complains, that I do not override a function from piece but I do, It complains that I return the wrong type but I return the right one I put a @Override there and the method is auto generated from vscode so no signature error, im really lost

I hope someone can help me
Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 13.08.54

The error tells you that
...PieceImpl.PieceType is incompatible with Piece.PieceType.
Have you redefined the enum locally in your implementation?

no I didn’t, I did it a while ago but fixed it several commits ago, in the mail it says build successful, so maybe just a visual bug in the cms?

It might be the case that the statistics page has a bug and shows your old commit.

I tried to refresh and rebuild the statistics. Does it still show this error?
In general, the mail results are more reliable.