Splint error storage reachable form parameter is dependent

i get this error when i run make check with all other tests being positive
i would like to post the rest of my code around the line 77 mentioned in the error but its my implementation of insert in my dict.c and i dont think we are supposed to post a complete routine
however in the line 77 is only the closing bracket for the function insert and nothing else, hence why i am confused what this error actually means

That sounds like a problem for the office hour.

Did you add any qualifiers like /*@out@*/ or /*@only@*/? If so, remove them if they were not given by the project template, except if you actually know what they do. (And then you should be able to parse that error).

i did not add any qualifiers at all so that cant be it
now i dont know if this should be a seperate post but when i git status i get informed that my upstream is gone but i dont know how to fix it since ive done it multiple times but everytime i get this again
and it also tells me this
i dont think ive ever even touched these files and i dont know what untracked means

i managed to fix my problem using this site LCLint Sample - Memory Checks 1
i believe the issue was that i defined my link element in my trie structure as a struct Trie * array and when i tried to expand the dictionary in insert i was assigning create() to the next link in the dictionary directly instead of assigning create to a pointer first and then assigning the pointer to the next link