Sheet 10 task 3: is is possible to have the explicit solution steps for the first two to three parts?

Dear team,

since the solution for (Exercise Sheet 10) is not yet in CMS.

Is it possible that we would get the explicit solution steps for the first two to three parts in the task solution?

Unfortunately, I did not write down the method from my tutor during the tutorial and I could not solve it by myself. As far as I know, some other fellow students also get stuck on this task.

Otherwise, I would also appreciate it if you could at least upload the slide from the tutorial where the solving method with explicit steps was explained.

What specific exercise are you referring to?
Inheritance is explained here:
Section 8.7: Inheritance

Overriding here:
Subsection 8.7.2: Overriding Methods

Calling here:
Subsection 8.7.3: Calling a Method

Overloading here:
Section 8.8: Overloading Methods

The overloading overriding example is uploaded here:

Additionally, you can always just write the program and check whether your answers were correct.


Exercise Sheet 10 task 3. Inheritance Hierarchy.

Hello Marcel, “The overloading overriding example” is exactly what I wanted…sorry, I did not see this before.

thanks for your effort and thanks for your hint on how to check my answers. :+1: