Seven Minitest in CMS


  1. Why are 7 mini tests given in CMS and also the scores of 7 mini tests or 50% of 7 mini tests needed for exam admission?
    According to the intro there are only 6 minitests and accordingly you should only need 45 points for admission instead of 52.

  2. why can’t the results of the minitests be made available in the CMS, that would be easier for many students than having to drive to the university.

Thank you!

  1. There are 7 minitests, as it it is marked in the timetable. On the slides of the intro lecture is an error (which will be corrected now), and there were some contradictory statements made in the introduction lecture about that.
  2. You can see your results in CMS, but not your corrections. Scanning every test would be a lot unnecessary work. Also, we don’t want to publish the exercises or solutions, since we may want to use them again in a future iteration.

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