Running public tests


to what do these two public tests refer exactly?
(test & test

And when running the other public tests, the terminal shows me when failing “testrunner binary not available”. What does it mean exacty?

You can view the source code of all public tests as they are locally available. Runs the style_test_cppcheck function from
This function in turn executes the command cppcheck .. Runs the style_test_cpplint function from
This function in turn executes the command cpplint --filter=-legal/copyright,-build/include_subdir,-readability/casting ./include/*.h ./src/*.c.

These tests execute checks for code style. The goal is that you write code that is readable, homogeneously formatted, indented, commented, and shows good practices like avoiding code duplication.

Are you executing make check?
Is there a file ./bin/testrunner?
Did make check print an error that it could not build testrunner?

apparently there is no such file (./bin/testrunner). Just checked my bin folder too and it is empty.

Yes, when executing “make check” it shows me the following error regarding testrunner

Screenshot 2022-05-26 135018

You have not yet implemented a function called guess which is used in some unit tests. Therefore, the testrunner can not be built.

I have a similar problem. I always use “make check” and there is a file: “./bin/testrunner”, but still i get this errors for the two style tests:
Do i have to fix my other missing test first to be able to pass the style tests?

Did you successfully run

Can you run it again and post a screenshot of the terminal output? Since this will most likely not fit on one screen, please post multiple screenshots capturing the full output.


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The error usually appears if you have not applied

I didn’t run the two Tests work properly.
Thank you for your fast replies!