Run test command

would someone please tell me, where could be wrong with my test command in git and tell me the right steps with the commands? Sorry, just tried several time times with the instructions from CMS and it did not work.
By the way, when will the tutorial videos for the first presentation be available in CMS? I think it would be helpful for us to submit and test our codes smoothly. (There is a link for Git Repo with Code Examples, but I could not log in with my cms and gutlab account)

sorry for the troubles and thanks in advance.

Hi there,

first, you should not write, instead, you have to write ./

Also, it could be, that on some systems you need to write only ./run_test, without the .py. So should maybe also try this.

I hope this could help you :innocent:


The error is also that the script is called not


It worked, thanks for your help

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