Registration for Late Endterm

I tried to register for the late endterm in HISPOS but clicking on “10003 Programmierung 2 - Fachprüfung” ends up in no result. When can I register for the late term (after writing the endterm)? Thank you very much!


you should be able to register as soon as your grade is entered in the lsf. I cannot tell you when exactly this will happen but it will be soon enough to register in time.

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Hey, is it only me or is the problem still not fixed? :slight_smile:

Same problem for me.

same here still there


the registration deadline is on Friday. The results will be entered until then. Probably this will be done, as soon as all results are fix, i.e., after the exam inspection on Thursday. But this is just a guess and all I can promise is that the results will be entered in time.

Best wishes
Lisa :grinning:


The grades are now entered in the LSF.

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