Questions to Task 4.1 and 4.3

in the check_victory, is the subroutine allowed to output 0 also for values above 2048? Because technically the game should still be in the win state if two 2048 tiles join.
To be specific: What is the expected output for 2049 and 4096 (or does these values even matter in the eval tests?)

2nd question for move_check:
The number of elements in which array is given in $a1 and where do we get the other information from?
The project description says that any m x n field should be expected


our version of 2048 is won if a tile with the value 2048 is reached. So you do not need to check for any values higher than that.

Regarding move_check: you are provided an array which represents only one row. Technically this gives you information about one dimension of the playing field but since you only have to check whether a move is possible in that specific row you do not need to know what size the playing field has.

Hope this helps,