Question about git push


I just commited and pushed a file but the problem is that this time it did not require me to give the username and the password when I use “git push”. But when I used the command “git log” then I saw it in the log, or in other words implies that I have pushed the new file successfully.
So I just wanted to ask, if it is fine to leave it like that ?

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What is the output when running git push?

If you are unsure whether you have pushed correctly, clone your repository to another folder and check whether the newly cloned copy (which represents the state on the server) contains your latest changes.

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It did not respone first and took a little bit of time then in the end it said
“fatal: konnte nicht auf ‘’ zugreifen: Failed to connect to port 443 after 133699 ms: Die Wartezeit”.


Failed to connect

means that you did not actually connect to the server, which means you did not actually push anything.

Are you in the university VPN?


Oh right,

I forgot to connect to the VPN, now it works.

Thank you.