Question about complete move

I could not find a concrete explaination about following case:

If I got the row 2,2,2,2
first I would merge so I get the row 4,0,4,0.
Then I will move it to get the row 4,4,0,0.
But now what would be the right next step?
Should I merge one more to get 8,0,0,0 or am I finish?
While the merge function has no return value I tend to 8,0,0,0 but I am not sure if this is what you were expecting (in the game online as example this would be the wrong implementation).

A complete move means you move, merge, move. This means you should only merge once per move, e.g. after one move of the row 2,2,2,2 you should get the row 4,4,0,0.