Public Test Printboard

I have currently no idea how to Pass the Public Test. I have to print charcters to visualize the Playing field and the only ways to do this are syscall 4 and 11. If i use syscall 11 and print character by character at some point i get a runtime error because. When i use syscall 4 i get no Output at all when running the Test. What should i do about it?

Have you also considered the syscall to print integers?

i did not try tis yet, but i am talking about “-” or other Symbols thati can not print as Integer

Ah sorry I misunderstood what you are trying to do. You are correct, for printing the characters for the frame syscall 4 and/or 11 are the ones to use. Could you maybe provide the error message you are getting in the runtime error? Otherwise I think without looking at your code it is hard to tell why it does not produce any output when using syscall 4.

When using syscall 11 it says “Timout of 10 Seconds exceeded” because it takes to long to run the Program this Way I guess and when using syscall 4 i symply get no output when running the test like said

I assume you are judging that the public test produces no output when using syscall 4 by the small test code you have written. Maybe build a testbox and see where your program jumps and check if this test code is actually executed.

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Yeah, i figured out what the Problem was, my code was written over th line, where the test jumps when executed. Thanks for the Help