Project Description

I still feel somehow confused with the project description. Should will like create our own files (for example for the first question) with our own structure of tree and the other functions because I wasn’t able to find the various files that we should just complete like in the other projects?

Yes, one portion of the task is to structure the project yourself.
Therefore, you have to create new .c files (and maybe header files) and implement the project in these files.

I see. Can we then have like a “manual” for how our functions should be called(considering capital/lower letters etc) for the implementation. I think it’s important to have thesame thing for running the various tests or it’s not that relevant??

Take a look at the header files. :smiley:

The functions from the header files are declared already but you have to add an implementation.

For your own functions and structs, you can choose names you like. If you go too crazy/inconsistent, the style check tools will complain.

For the provided code, we mostly use the Google C/C++ Code Style.