Problem with public tests

When I “make check” in terminal the public tests are not executed and I get the following error:
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this is because the compiler cannot link to the definition of your functions. This is either because you did not implement them (have a look at the project presentation slides to get an example on how to write dummy functions) or because the files are located in the wrong directory. Keep in mind that you have to store your files in the src/ folder.

hope this helped
Lisa :smile:

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Unfortunately I couldn’t fix the problem. I already attended an Office Hour but the problem still is not solved. How should I proceed since I’m not able to make/pass the public or daily tests?

The main problem is:

  • You have not implemented getFeedback, checkWin, and printFeedback
  • You included dict.c in wordle.c leading to duplicate function definitions as the linker posted the source code from dict.c again in that location.

Other problems:

Thank you very much! After I implemented the methods that are still missing, making the tests is possible :smiley: