Problem in Finding Mistake in Daily Game: testMoveLeftAndBack

The only Daily Test that fails in Pieces, Board and Game ist: testMoveLeftAndBack.
I get from Error Massage that is because of a Null Pointer Exception but it is not usefull, because there is a problem in the Code Line from the Test Class.

I tested many things by use the Player.View and Wrote some tests but I didn´t find the misktake.
Have some one a hint for me? or See where The Problem ist?


Have you written a test yourself that does what you think this test does?
Does the test work locally and on the reference?

As the error tells you, p is a Piece.
Have you tried the different variants to get pieces and checked where it is null or not null corresponding to your concept of the Tetris specification?

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Could you find your error :? I cannot yet.

No didn´t find it. I hope I will find it before 22:00 that I can test it again.