Print Board Daily-Test-2


Today, I’ve finished every obligatory task of the project.
A few minutes ago I checked my emails and saw, that one daily test fails for me:

—> test daily/test_print_board_2.asm
Result: failure
Additional info:

I don’t get what could have failed. The game works for me locally and the public test also passes with no complains. I’ve tried starting the gui and playing a bit around and the board representation was always correct. How am I supposed to find an issue? :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance,

//EDIT: Yes, the used code was up-to-date. I received the test results at 4:13pm. I’ve added the functionality sometimes between 11am and 1pm.

As said in other posts (for instance here), correct public tests and even correct daily tests do not guarantee a correct implementation.

You might for instance show incorrect behavior for edge cases.
Such cases might not be covered by public tests and are unlikely to occur during normal gameplay.
Try to write a test about every situation and edge case you can think about to find all bugs.
Also, read the project description again and make sure that you followed every point of the specification.

Okay thank you. Yea, I’ve already seen these threads, but I couldn’t think about any other special cases where this could still fail. But I will try harder over the weekend.

Thank you

Does it?

Keep in mind that the GUI does not actually use the print_board functionality. So the GUI working does not mean that your board is printed properly. Instead, play the game by executing main.asm in MARS (control the game using w, a, s, and d).


Thank you so much. I was just very dumb and forgot to increment the address xDDD Thanks for the hint.
I didn’t think about such a mistake since I thought that the GUI would be dependent from my printboard subroutine. When it worked, I thought printboard would be working fine too ^^

I think I’ve fixed it by now.