Piece Daily Test

Hello, i’ve implemented my Piece but for some times i didn’t get any positive result. For me to get Piece result. I only need to implement Piece and PieceFactory right?


Did you as well edit the class MyTetrisFactory?

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oh you need to also edit that one? i see thanks!

The interaction is only possible via the predefined factory.

You can also see this error in the message the server sends you:

[Timestamp] Result: failure
        at tetris.game.MyTetrisFactory.createPieceFactory(MyTetrisFactory.java:41)
        at prog2.tests.tetris.daily.PieceTest.<init>(PieceTest.java:27)

Here, Java tells you that PieceTest.java tries to access MyTetrisFactory.createPieceFactory from MyTetrisFactory.java. But this method threw a UnsupportedOperationException.