Permission Denied Messages - Starting the Project Wordle - Observations

For some reason, following the standard procedure of cloning and starting with the project, all my commands require additional privileges else I get “Permission denied.”

As mentioned in the project description and specification, one is supposed to first execute a shell script, that installs some important stuff for this project. “./”. I experieced, that it does not follow through, because of the same “Permission denied.” note.

I execute it with “sudo ./”, I am asked a password which is “prog2” for every student. Then it works and also downloads e.g. the "“Microsoft.Visual.Studio.VSIXPac”.

Same goes for the commands ‘git add .’, ‘git commit -m “text”’ ’ and ‘git push’, I need to “sudo” infront.
Just in case some people get confused.

Also, no Visual Studio GUI feature works - as well as quicksaving with CTRL+S. It always says “Permission denied.” Adding files to the /src folder, e.g. “dict.h” or others, does not work. So probably one should give the working directory the proper rights for the current user with chmod. (Isn’t this supposed to be pre-defined?)

Can one of the tutors give the right way to do/fix this. I do not want to give my (partially) (in-)correct input.


Try chown -R prog2:prog2 . in the project root.

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sudo chown -R prog2:prog2 ~/Prog2/project3/NicoDorn worked for me too, thanks. :slight_smile: