Passing a public test in my VM but not online

Hello everyone,

I have a probably very unique problem.

When I run the public test cpplint on my local machine I pass the test. However, I fail the test according to my statistics. I checked it twice, but I pushed exactly the same code which works out on my local system.

I’m now very confused and have no clue how I can solve this problem. Until now we (Or at least a few including me) don’t get the feedback by e-mail, so I have no clue what could be wrong and how I can solve this problem. What should I do now?

Could it be that the server runs a different older version of cpplint? This could be the only reason I can imagine at the moment. I installed cpplint this sunday so I guess my version is the newest.

To put it in a nutshell, I really have no clue how I can solve this problem.

I’m looking forward to hear your ideas!


When I clone your code, it tells me that:


Make sure this is not the case for you locally. It is unlikely, but I can imagine git ignoring certain kinds of whitespace and the end of line.

Execute git config core.autocrlf input and re-clone the repo in the virtual machine to make sure that this is not the case.

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Thanks. Yes, this is the error. Now we also get the e-mails, so I can see what my error is :slight_smile: