Part 1 (tests) necessary for part 2 (parser)

I’m a bit confusing with project Java Part 2 so I’m sending you an email.
there are 2 public tests for part 2, so we absolutely have to pass these 2 tests to get 8 points. But can I get full points for part 2 if I didn’t pass all daily tests in part 1.
or do I have to edit and pass the daily tests for Part 1 again and then continue with Part2.
– Student

Yes, the exercises are separate.
You can still get points for part 2 (parser) independent of your performance in part 1 (tests).
You do not have to fix your tests or add more but it is highly recommended.
There are only two public tests for the parser and no daily tests.
Therefore, you have to use your own test to determine whether your parser works correctly.

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