Other test topics than expected

I also feel like today’s test was not that good, but for me it is mainly due to the fact that die “Course Structure” in the “Book” is a bit Misleading.
According to the Course Structure, the topic of todays test was “A” → “Algorithms”. In the book, it is mentioned, that “A” is “A3” and “A4” → Java Collections (Chapter 8.9) and Hashing (Chapter 5.3). Because i had Corona the last 2 weeks, i was definetly not prepared for Classes and Inharitance.

Maybe if the book would have been more precise (because i also think that the topic is more than 2 weeks ago) it would have been better.

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The topics are always up to and including the Tuesday in the week before with the main focus on the topics since the last test’s topics.
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For today’s test, this includes J3, J4, A3, and A4.
The corresponding topics are (only very short, see the lectures and lecture notes for a fuller picture):

  • Overriding, Overloading
  • Abstract classes, Object
  • OO, OO in C, Patterns (specifically Visitor)
  • Collections
  • Hashing

The exercises in the test covered exactly these topics.

This year, also the lectures are available to see exactly what was done.