On UTF8 encoding

what happened when I push the project and the code is not UTF-8 encoded? I will be informed after the first push that my code is not UTF-8 encoded?

Your files will be treated as if they are UTF8-encoded. If they are not, a few things can happen

  • You only use ASCII characters. Since these are encoded the same way in many character sets, you most likely will not notice any issues and your code will work fine
  • You use non-ASCII characters. These are then encoded into a sequence of bytes (by you… since files are just sequences of bytes, that’s what you push: a sequence of bytes). Then, the file is decoded (on the server, by the compiler), and those sequences of bytes may either
    • become some “random” UTF-8 character. In other words, your characters change into other characters
    • do not correspond to any UTF-8 character. In this case, the compiler might refuse to compile your code, or it might continue on and just not care.

So you need to check that your files are encoded properly. And it would be best if you only use ASCII characters wherever possible.