No copyright message found

in dict.h the first line throws an error message for copyright line. I have not inserted something myself nor have i deleted something. the other provided .h files in the Include folder do not complain about this. In addition to that the other files(all .c files in src) stated that they cannot find dict.h. but i can follow the link by clicking on it.

Is it save to ignore those messages and am i allowed to change the provided include files or should i leave them unchanged?

edit: just after posting this the “'include stdbool.h” in main.c also asks for this copyright message. i am very confused now

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After cloning, have you executed make or
That should in theory fix the issue that the header files are not found. If you hover over the error does it say from which plugin the error is reported?

You can ignore the copyright messages.
Is the error regarding the copyright in make check or purely in VSCode? Is cpplint the reporting plugin?
make check is configured to ignore such style guide advice.

i have execute as well as make and make check so far.
The exact error messages in vsc are for example
in wordle.c:

‘wordle.h’ file not foundclang-tidy(clang-diagnostic-error)
Include the directory when naming header files cpplint(warning:build/include_subdir)

and in dict.h

No copyright message found. You should have a line: "Copyright [year] >copyright Owner cpplint (warning:legal/copyright)

and similar messages in the other files for other includes

when i currently execute make or make check it throws a lot of messages because i have not yet implemented everything( wich is not a a big deal but i cant check atm if there are similar error messages as shown in vsc).


Hi. I actually have the same problem.

I have overlooked your reply.

You can/should ignore this warning (it is only a warning, not an error). See here.

Same here.

There wont be.