Mysterios errors when committing

there is an error appearing when I try to commit my project, it says like “object file is empty” and “object file is corrupt”
I don’t really have a clue what that means, can someone help me please?


while searching for your error messages in Google I found this stackoverflow post. I don’ t know if it solves your problem, but you could try it out or (probably the preferable option if you are not sure what you are doing) just come to tomorrow’ s OH, where a tutor can have a look on it.

best wishes
Lisa :slight_smile:

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okay obviously I am really bad at googling error messages
Thank you!

Well, the more often one need to do something the better one can do it :wink:

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Out of interest: Are you working in the VM? If yes, how do you turn it off?

yes I am,
I tried every closing minimum once, but most of the time I do save the actual state :joy: