Min_path tests more information

I am still failing the tests „min_path.optimal_path_tall“ and „min_path.owl“. I did some tracing and calculating by hand and can’t find the bug in my program… How can I get more information about “optimal_path_tall”? I got some more information for owl (printing the paths) but that doesn’t really help me. Maybe going deeper into tall might help? Is that possible?

Okay thanks. I found a bug and owl is also working now, but “min_path.optimal_path_tall” still says “unit test failed…at row 4: expected seam column 0, but got 2”. Is there a way of getting more information about that test so that I can do a trace maybe? Like the image used or comparing the right path with mine?

Thank you, but how exactly do I do that? Is it with a command?
When using the command ./test/run-tests.py in any way I always get zsh: no such file or directory: ./test/run-tests.py even thought I can see the directory test when using the command ls. That’s why I’ve been using make check all the time.

I’ve been saving the seam in reverse order and also printing it in reverse in main, what made the print correct, but the seam array itself in wrong order. I failed the test because there, not the output was compared, but the seams themselves. I just noticed after looking into the test file.
Thank you very much!!