Meaning of package in doc string of


does the following doc string in

This class provides a very simple example of how to write tests for this project.
You can implement your own tests within this class or any other class within this package.
Tests in other packages will not be run and considered for completion of the project.

mean that literally only tests which are in the folder /uri/tests are considered or does it include sub-folders? (i.e. something from the package uri.tests.correct for example)

IDK the answer (you could just try and see), but limiting you to that directory should be more than enough.

Of course it works locally. But the test server might ignore subfolders. I just moved everything into the tests folder, so I guess that solves it.

The test server also tries to look into subfolders of the package.
To make sure you should either only use the package without sub packages or subfolders or test out whether your setup works (by pushing a case that produces an output like a wrong test for instance).