Make error "file format not recognized"

When I use the make command in the terminal I get the following output:
Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-22 um 19.36.41

Does someone have a suggestion to fix?

How do you turn off the VM?

If your answer is “I press the close button, and then select ‘Turn the VM off’”, you’re doing it wrong, because you’re essentially pulling the plug out of your VM. This can lead to all kinds of weird errors, including corrupted files. Turn the VM off the way you shut down your PC: via the start menu → shutdown.

Try make clean; make. This should fully rebuild your project.

Thank you, this worked. I do however not use the VM as I am on a M1 chip. I think the error probably comes from compiling first on a native installation of VSCode where I got a compile error linked to ARM64. I’ll keep that in mind and just compile on the code-server in docker while writing code on my my native installation as the code-server is (at least at my end) very unreliable with writing files.