Make check sometimes gives no fails, sometimes 1, somemtimes 2, sometimes 3

As stated in the title. When I have the terminal open in Code OSS I can repeatedly execute “make check” and will sometimes get “All 17 tests successful”, sometimes “1 out of 17 tests failed”, sometimes 2 and sometimes 3.

The tests which are sometimes failed are:

How is this possible? I went to the Office Hour today and we spent 1 1/2 hours trying to find the problem.


is this an issue within code OSS or does it also apear if you run the test from your consol?

There is always the possibility of undefined behaviour that could cause such behaviour :wink:

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Yes, it also occurs when running it from the console.
Me and the tutor at the Office Hour weren’t able to find any cause for undefined behavior.

What’s even stranger: When I run carve_debug with -p and small1.ppm, it always outputs the same path, with no exceptions.