MacOS GUI: Failed to bind socket - Hardcoded Port 55555 for Project GUI

The GUI Jar currently uses the port 55555. Sadly, this port is not available for MacOS users, which is especially annoying for M1 users, not being able to run the VM.

It will always result in

Failed to bind socket

Even though the GUI is not a requirement - it would be nice to run it.

How to do it?

Use the following zipped jar instead of the official gui.jar: Google Drive Link
It was modified* to use port 8085 instead of 55555. (Direct ZIP uploads not possible)

Update the python script starting the GUI ( at line 47:


PORT = 55555


PORT = 8085


It is recommended to always look over the files you download, especially executables.

To make sure you don’t destroy your project, maybe copy all the files and replace / edit the gui.jar and python file in the duplicated folder.

* How did I do this?
I used Recaf to edit the compiled Java Bytecode and modify the port.